Saturday, October 25, 2014

Broken Screen? Let Professionals Perform iPad and iPhone Screen Repair

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your device. A screen protector or a case ensures that your device is safe from most sources of damage. However, they aren’t fool proof and, in case of damage, you’ll need to contact an experienced iPhone screen repair service, such as RB’s Computer Service to do the repairs. These repairs can cost you, but if you got your tablet or smartphone from a carrier, your warranty for the device could still be used, and should help with repair costs. Though it is tempting to do the repairs on your own, implementing delicate iPad screen repair is not something that you’d want to do at home. Apple products can be delicate and opening one up can render your device non-functional. This can happen when you attempt to repair screens. Better leave the repairs to professionals and take better care of your device from hereon.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Know iPhone Screen Problems that need Repair

The main trouble people have with iPhones is that it’s so easy for them to slip from their hands. This usually results in damaged screens that need repair. It isn’t just accidents that cause screen problems though.

Frozen screen

Similar to a frozen computer screen, a frozen iPhone screen is not entirely a cause for alarm. As a solution, users can press on the power button for at least 30 seconds before pressing the Sleep/Wake button to turn it on. When this does not work after several tries, users can turn to smartphone specialists to get their devices back to working condition.

Cracked screen

A cracked iPhone screen will most likely need to be replaced, as well as get outfitted with a new LCD panel. This task involves removing the front panel assembly cable bracket; disconnecting the ribbon cables; removing the ear piece, home button, rear microphone, and camera; and reassembling all these parts afterward. As such, fixing an iPhone with a broken screen might be better reserved for users who know their devices inside and out.

Many iPhone or iPad users can't part with their devices for a long time, which is why they might be hesitant to entrust their gadgets to repair shops. However, at times, it would be best for them to do just this if they want issues resolved as quickly as possible with the help of skilled iPad screen repair technicians.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Your PC Can Work Again With Help From Excellent Minneapolis IT Support

Going to the Apple’s Genius Bar is an available option when your Macintosh is on the fritz, but you may also depend on reliable independent tech support services, such as RB’s Computer Service, to help you find out the kind of service you’ll need. Having to run scores of computers as an essential part of your business will require maintenance and regular IT team support. Smaller businesses may also have an IT support service on call for repairs, as well as annual tune-up or installation of essential updates. Make sure that, with branded hardware like laptops from Acer or printers from HP, you will need technicians licensed to service these products. Check out other additional options and services that your IT company may offer. For example, some excellent Minneapolis IT support services provide remote assistance capability, which allows technicians to help their clients and resolve software issues over the Internet, without the need for a personal visit.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Protect Your Business from Cyber-attacks

Thieves nowadays aren’t just concerned with physical objects. The digital frontier has opened up new ways for criminals to steal and new things, too. If one is to look at current events, though, it's the Goliaths that appear to be the most prominent cyber-attack victims. Just recently, important data belonging to at least 70 million customers of a leading retail store was stolen by cybercriminals. If even major businesses are not immune, this incident should be enough to convince smaller ones to strengthen their computer security measures.