Thursday, August 20, 2015

IT Support Essentials for a Secured Network

Having your own network for business certainly makes work easier. Your employees can collaborate with each other and productivity can be notably boosted. Networks have one drawback though – they can present huge security risks for businesses. You only have to look at some of the most popular examples like Microsoft and even the White House to know that the threat is real. Of course, you’d want to protect your business, and good IT support can do that for you. Here are some essentials of a secured business network:

Leave It to Pros: Risks of DIY iPad Screen Repair

While iPads are extremely versatile, these popular tablet computers aren't indestructible. Screen cracks can occur due to drops, bumps, or freak accidents. Before doing a search for "how to repair an iPad screen," however, take a moment to consider some of the risks associated with tackling this particular tech repair yourself.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Don’t Panic: What You Should Do During and after iPhone Screen Repair

Despite what Apple may say about their latest addition to the iPhone series, their screens are still made of glass, and the glass on your iPhone screen is still susceptible to cracking once it’s dropped from a great distance. If it’s hard for you to believe this, you can look around the Internet for various drop tests showing the vulnerability of iPhones to falls. Whatever the reason behind those distracting splinters spreading on your iPhone screen, bringing them to a repair service is the best step to take, especially if you can’t afford a new one. Don’t panic once you bring your broken phone to iPhone screen repair services though, for here are the things you should do during and after the repair process.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Small Business Computer Support Ensures Business PCs Run Smoothly

Nearly every Minneapolis business nowadays relies on computers for daily work and data management. Even small businesses must maintain their own system of computer management as would their larger business counterparts. Large or small, businesses need their PCs to be working their optimal best. For small business owners, it’s just as important to hire a level of small business computer support to keep company data safe and ensure all PCs are running smoothly. Here are some of the issues that can pop up, which is why small-and-medium-sized business owners need expert IT support.