Sunday, July 20, 2014

Screen Problems? iPhone Screen Repair Still Remains as the Best Option

As of now, Apple has not given any concrete statements regarding the issue of an iPhone equipped with a sapphire screen, but from the way the developments are going (and according to the forecasts of tech journalists), it is safe to say that this addition will most likely come out on iPhone 6. The question though is: is it going to be worth the wait?

In the meantime, though, folks waiting for that groundbreaking scratch-proof glass would still have to practice the utmost caution when handling their iPhones. Even without the sapphire glass technology, anyway, there is still a more affordable and efficient way of dealing with broken screens: iPhone screen repair services.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Having Small Business Computer Support Results for Smoother Operations

If things like these can happen to big businesses like a health systems provider, then it most definitely can happen to small and medium-sized enterprises as well. Big businesses carry the advantage of having an in-house team of I.T. professionals that can immediately bring their system back up in cases of disruption. Growing establishments, on the other hand, do not have the resources to hire resident technicians. They can, however, rely on quality small business computer support services for a smoother flow of operations.

Many Minneapolis I.T. support companies, such as RB’s Computer Service, have extensive experiences in dealing with the usual computer problems that various businesses encounter. Such difficulties include corruption of hardware or software, loss of data, and unavailability of service, forming a long list of technical problems that I.T. support can troubleshoot or repair.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Before Thinking of iPhone Screen Repair, Know First how Screens Crack

As explained by phone glass manufacturer Corning, glass breakage occurs when sufficient stress is applied to a flaw (i.e. scratch or chip) on the glass surface. The screen’s hardness protects it from these flaws, but such can accumulate over time. Accumulated flaws significantly decrease the screen’s strength, making it more breakable. The moment blunt force is applied (such as a drop to the pavement), the stress (surface tension) can overcome the glass strength (surface compression, or the compactness of its molecules), causing it to break. So, yes, even the slightest scratch from your car keys can mean trouble for your phone screen if you don’t watch out.

Either way, a cracked or completely shattered screen is worthy of urgent iPad screen repair or replacement from servicers like RB’s Computer Service. However, as the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. You want to keep using your phone or tablet for longer? Then remember to keep it safe all the time.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Vital Considerations before Choosing Small Business Computer Support

Look for a security and privacy policy. Tech support specialists are more likely to get access to critical business files that should be kept confidential from the outside world. Ideally, a prospective company offers a privacy and security policy within their business deal that restricts/limits use of specific corporate data.

Lastly, you should only trust somebody with an established reputation, like trusted Minneapolis IT support specialist RB’s Computer Service. Doing so will put your company in good hands.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iPhone Screen Repair Must Be Done by a Pro

Apple has come a long way in improving the features of their iPhone units. However, it seems that perfecting the resistance of their phone screens against breakage remains out of reach. In fact, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s sustain almost similar damage when subjected to a drop test, and are possibly the most severely damaged among all brands tested.

If you have any of iPhone’s latest gadgets, don’t assume that its screen is already insusceptible to cracking when dropped or hit hard by an object. Should you accidentally break it, your only option is to replace the screen. If the damage affected the LCD, it’s best if you replace the LCD to get your phone back in working order.

In fixing a broken iPhone screen, you can choose between DIY repair and seeking professional assistance. A DIY repair can definitely save you a great deal of money, although there’s no guarantee that your gadget will look as good as new when the repair is done. If you fail to accurately install the new LCD and screen, you might experience trouble navigating the phone’s system.

For better results, seek assistance from a pro who specialize in iPhone displays. Chances are you will have all components properly installed with your navigating routine unaffected and the lifespan of your gadget prolonged. Looking at the big picture, this will save you more on future repair expenses.

PC Problems? Hit the Repair Shop, Not the PC

It goes by many names, but hitting the computer to make it work is a common trope called "percussive maintenance." This pop culture staple shaped the basics of repairing a PC (or any device) on the fritz, but it has also occurred in real life. During the Apollo 12 mission, then-astronaut Alan Bean tapped the camera on Surveyor 3 with a hammer to restore the video feed.

Some claim that their clunky computers returned to working condition after one well-placed hit. However, there's a reason for percussive maintenance being more common in TV shows and films than in real life. The Apollo 12 incident is based on mission logs; the rest of the instances are either fake or open to debate.

Tech experts know very well not to hit sensitive electronics. RAM and video cards are no thicker than a wafer; anything less of a hacksaw can easily split it. Overall, percussive maintenance is too risky to be reliable. It's better to forward PC problems to someone who doesn't believe in the power of a karate chop to fix a PC.

So the next time your PC starts acting up, don't go for your arms or legs. Let an expert computer repair service fix it for you.