Thursday, December 18, 2014

Small Business Computer Support: Smart Solutions for a Slow Computer

Computer Hope also recommends that you disable background programs, delete temp files, free hard drive space, scan for errors, address hardware conflicts, and upgrade your memory to enhance your computer’s speed and performance. If you need help with any of these steps, Minneapolis IT support providers like RB's Computer Service can provide you with the assistance you need.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Protecting Your iPhone: Tips for Proper Handling

When you have a smart phone as sophisticated and expensive as the iPhone, you have to take care of it. You can’t leave home with it, which means that it’s going to be subject to wear and tear from constant handling. Following these simple steps can make your iPhone’s service life last longer, without having to look like it survived a tumble down a flight of stairs.

Don’t clean your iPhone screen using a paper towel or your clothing—it can scratch the screen. Make sure you have a cleaning kit that’s safe for electronics. It doesn’t need to be fancy; just stock on essentials like a microfiber cleaning cloth, gadget-safe cleaning solution, and compressed Air Can. Remember to switch off your phone before giving it a good, but gentle scrubbing.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Securing Computer Support for Small Businesses

Small businesses might not have the scale of larger companies, but they can still share the same operations and market strategies. Similarly, small businesses also rely on computers to get much of their work done, in the same way their corporate counterparts have computers as well. With the use of computers, however, comes the issue of maintaining the hardware, and small businesses need to have computer support contingencies in place.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Smartphone Cracks Cool? No Way! iPhone Screen Repair is the Way to Go

The same is true for the iPad, even if it uses a protective casing like leather or hardbound cloth. There’s often the potential of more intricate “spiderwebs” depending on the force and angle of the impact. A screen replacement is an option if the damage is too much; ask your preferred iPad or iPod screen repair service if they have replacement parts. The company might have OEM or third-party screens on stock.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Get Your Shop Up and Running with Small Business Computer Support

The importance of computers as a business asset is not lost on entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. The place already has a high concentration of small businesses, many of which were set up through avenues like the Small Business Technical Assistance program. Even small businesses need to be wired to survive the current business environment and competition, requiring the help of small business computer support providers like RB’s Computer Service.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What to Do When Your iPhone Becomes Unresponsive

In one of those rare moments of utter mysticism, you might just suddenly find your iPhone the latest victim of glitch gremlins, rendering the gadget unexpectedly and mysteriously unresponsive. Before you decide to throw it away in utter frustration, you need to understand that the problem may have simply stemmed from either software issues or hardware-related malfunctions or misalignments.
One particular software-related problem in iPhone 5 handsets is the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. The condition is often linked to specific apps; if you are using Pages, Keynote, or Numbers and suddenly press the home button, you could cause the phone crash. To avoid this, try out apps that use iOS7 first, as the previously mentioned apps have not yet been updated for Apple gadgets. There is also a glitch that involves typing with a 5-second lag; resetting the phone or the keyboard dictionary usually remedies this problem.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Managed Service Provider More Cost-effective

Small and medium business owners are naïve if they think that their size makes them immune from large corporate tech problems. While many choose to conserve their budget by calling a PC repair guy whenever something goes wrong, the wise ones go with a managed service provider for small business computer support.

Quicker solution
If your server malfunctions and is down for about an hour, it’s going to take a repairman time to arrive, assess the problem, and execute a solution. Managed service providers are constantly monitoring your system with installed applications. In the event of a problem, they are instantly alerted by their monitoring tools and know exactly what needs to be fixed, so downtime is kept to a minimum.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Broken Screen? Let Professionals Perform iPad and iPhone Screen Repair

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your device. A screen protector or a case ensures that your device is safe from most sources of damage. However, they aren’t fool proof and, in case of damage, you’ll need to contact an experienced iPhone screen repair service, such as RB’s Computer Service to do the repairs. These repairs can cost you, but if you got your tablet or smartphone from a carrier, your warranty for the device could still be used, and should help with repair costs. Though it is tempting to do the repairs on your own, implementing delicate iPad screen repair is not something that you’d want to do at home. Apple products can be delicate and opening one up can render your device non-functional. This can happen when you attempt to repair screens. Better leave the repairs to professionals and take better care of your device from hereon.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Know iPhone Screen Problems that need Repair

The main trouble people have with iPhones is that it’s so easy for them to slip from their hands. This usually results in damaged screens that need repair. It isn’t just accidents that cause screen problems though.

Frozen screen

Similar to a frozen computer screen, a frozen iPhone screen is not entirely a cause for alarm. As a solution, users can press on the power button for at least 30 seconds before pressing the Sleep/Wake button to turn it on. When this does not work after several tries, users can turn to smartphone specialists to get their devices back to working condition.

Cracked screen

A cracked iPhone screen will most likely need to be replaced, as well as get outfitted with a new LCD panel. This task involves removing the front panel assembly cable bracket; disconnecting the ribbon cables; removing the ear piece, home button, rear microphone, and camera; and reassembling all these parts afterward. As such, fixing an iPhone with a broken screen might be better reserved for users who know their devices inside and out.

Many iPhone or iPad users can't part with their devices for a long time, which is why they might be hesitant to entrust their gadgets to repair shops. However, at times, it would be best for them to do just this if they want issues resolved as quickly as possible with the help of skilled iPad screen repair technicians.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Your PC Can Work Again With Help From Excellent Minneapolis IT Support

Going to the Apple’s Genius Bar is an available option when your Macintosh is on the fritz, but you may also depend on reliable independent tech support services, such as RB’s Computer Service, to help you find out the kind of service you’ll need. Having to run scores of computers as an essential part of your business will require maintenance and regular IT team support. Smaller businesses may also have an IT support service on call for repairs, as well as annual tune-up or installation of essential updates. Make sure that, with branded hardware like laptops from Acer or printers from HP, you will need technicians licensed to service these products. Check out other additional options and services that your IT company may offer. For example, some excellent Minneapolis IT support services provide remote assistance capability, which allows technicians to help their clients and resolve software issues over the Internet, without the need for a personal visit.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Protect Your Business from Cyber-attacks

Thieves nowadays aren’t just concerned with physical objects. The digital frontier has opened up new ways for criminals to steal and new things, too. If one is to look at current events, though, it's the Goliaths that appear to be the most prominent cyber-attack victims. Just recently, important data belonging to at least 70 million customers of a leading retail store was stolen by cybercriminals. If even major businesses are not immune, this incident should be enough to convince smaller ones to strengthen their computer security measures.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iPhone Screen Repair—A Staple Service in a Smartphone-Driven World

Other than its screen size, which make it more vulnerable to slipping and then falling to the floor, there could be a hundred and one ways by which an iPhone 6 (or any other smartphone, for that matter) can end up with a broken screen. Considering that Apple still chooses to go with the industry standard “gorilla glass” for their new phone’s screen, professional iPhone or iPod screen repair services are still going to be called for in the long run. Fortunately, a reliable iPhone screen repair service provider like RB's Computer Service is always ready and up-to-date when it comes to fixing the latest models of handheld gadgets on the market. Indeed, a cracked or shattered screen doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to replace your smartphone. With the help of repair experts, a simple screen replacement can be done and your gadget can be good as new again.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cybersecurity: The Critical Role of Small Business Computer Support

Simply put, every single commercial establishment in operation possesses significant information that can be exploited by cyber criminals. Writing for USA Today, Eric Cernak noted an instance wherein a single hacker managed to steal some 20,000 credit card records from a small online retail website. Imagine if a group would’ve collectively hacked a single, large-scale commercial target—such a group could pull off a heist bigger than the Target breach. Bottom line is, investing in a solid cybersecurity program should be a no-brainer for all businesses. Thankfully, local Minneapolis IT support providers such as RB’s Computer Service are around to ensure that the risks of debilitating data breaches are minimized for their clients.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ensuring your iDevice is Always in Great Condition

An iPhone or an iPod is a sensitive piece of electronics, requiring good care. Here are a few pointers on how to properly care for your gadget:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Professional iPhone Screen Repair Services Help You Save Big Bucks

When it comes down to that, you might want to consider taking your unit to a conveniently located iPhone screen repair shop—like RB’s Computer Service, for instance—especially if purchasing a new unit is way out of your budget and consequently out of the question. You certainly don’t want to give up on your phone just yet, especially if you’ve got loads of valuable data, images, and messages that can still be accessed by means of a screen repair job. This goes not only for iPhones, but for iPads as well. Despite their heft and size, iPads are just as likely to slide from your hands due to a moment’s inattention. If the inevitable happens, you might want to look for a trusted iPad screen repair shop.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Small Business Computer Support Services Safeguard Your Resources

As any business owner can see, the importance of protecting valuable data by means of affordable small business computer support cannot be stressed enough—especially if the problem requires expert PC troubleshooting and repair services. Even something as random as accidental data deletion can have a snowball effect that could lead to massive revenue losses. Failure to back up data also leaves businesses susceptible to data loss. Given the above scenarios, it is clear that every business must have sufficient measures in place to prevent data breach or loss. Data recovery, after all, can take a while and may involve a significant expenditure. Even with experienced data recovery technicians on board, there is no guarantee that the lost information can be retrieved in its entirety.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

For Businesses, Computer Support Better than DIY

It has become the norm for many businesses to keep their records, conduct transactions, and manage day-to-day processes using computers whether offline or online. It is inevitable, however, for glitches and hardware failure to happen occasionally during the course of the workflow. During these times, trying to fix the problem yourself can make it worse especially for small businesses without the advantage of in-house computer professionals.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fixing an Unresponsive iPhone 5 Touch Screen

Lots of users are complaining of several issues with the iPhone 5, one of the most common of which is an unresponsive touch screen. At times, the screen would be entirely unresponsive, or would register a touch where the user didn’t even touch the display. Here are a few tips to deal with the problem.
Restart the phone – When a certain application fails to stop completely and puts the phone in a gridlock, it may be necessary to restart the entire phone by pressing the power switch until the red slide bar appears.
Reset the phone – If the phone wouldn’t respond well to a restart (which is pretty rare), resetting the phone will be important. However, unlike the normal shutdown process, resetting involves turning off the phone rapidly by pressing the power switch and the home button simultaneously until the Apple logo shows up and fades away.
Restoring with iTunes – In the absolutely far-off event that none of the aforementioned methods worked, the phone can be connected to a computer with iTunes. Upon opening iTunes, a person can select the “Restore” option from the Summary tab. If the phone isn’t detected by iTunes, forcing the device into recovery is a remaining possibility.
Call a Pro – Truth be told, a professional would be better trained in dealing with an unresponsive touch screen. Aside from eliminating the hassle, taking a faulty screen to a pro can avoid further damage to the phone as a whole.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Your Office Computer Might Be Infected!

Most computer viruses are easily detected by anti-viruses. Some highly-advanced viruses have the ability to bypass security measures and infect a computer without the user even knowing it. Are the computers in your office infected? Here are some signs that they might be:
  • Hardware Acting On Its Own: Did your CD-ROM open just now? Do you hear weird noises coming from your CPU? The virus may have taken control of your hardware.
  • Slow Performance: When your computer takes a lot of time to open a simple word document or launch a simple program, run a quick virus scan.
  • Files Disappearing: Computer viruses can also delete your files. Keep an eye on your documents and files because a virus can easily snatch it away.
  • Unknown Files Appearing: If a file suddenly appears and you don’t remember creating it, don’t doubt your memory. The virus most likely added the file.
  • Unresponsive Interface: Your computer seems like your screen is frozen and you can’t click on anything or even move the mouse cursor itself.
  • Crashing Altogether: When your computer suddenly crashes without even doing anything, this may be a strong virus that needs immediate attention.
Your business might suffer when your computers are infected. Have a computer support representative examine your computers to address these issues as soon as possible, to prevent further damage.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Screen Problems? iPhone Screen Repair Still Remains as the Best Option

As of now, Apple has not given any concrete statements regarding the issue of an iPhone equipped with a sapphire screen, but from the way the developments are going (and according to the forecasts of tech journalists), it is safe to say that this addition will most likely come out on iPhone 6. The question though is: is it going to be worth the wait?

In the meantime, though, folks waiting for that groundbreaking scratch-proof glass would still have to practice the utmost caution when handling their iPhones. Even without the sapphire glass technology, anyway, there is still a more affordable and efficient way of dealing with broken screens: iPhone screen repair services.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Having Small Business Computer Support Results for Smoother Operations

If things like these can happen to big businesses like a health systems provider, then it most definitely can happen to small and medium-sized enterprises as well. Big businesses carry the advantage of having an in-house team of I.T. professionals that can immediately bring their system back up in cases of disruption. Growing establishments, on the other hand, do not have the resources to hire resident technicians. They can, however, rely on quality small business computer support services for a smoother flow of operations.

Many Minneapolis I.T. support companies, such as RB’s Computer Service, have extensive experiences in dealing with the usual computer problems that various businesses encounter. Such difficulties include corruption of hardware or software, loss of data, and unavailability of service, forming a long list of technical problems that I.T. support can troubleshoot or repair.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Before Thinking of iPhone Screen Repair, Know First how Screens Crack

As explained by phone glass manufacturer Corning, glass breakage occurs when sufficient stress is applied to a flaw (i.e. scratch or chip) on the glass surface. The screen’s hardness protects it from these flaws, but such can accumulate over time. Accumulated flaws significantly decrease the screen’s strength, making it more breakable. The moment blunt force is applied (such as a drop to the pavement), the stress (surface tension) can overcome the glass strength (surface compression, or the compactness of its molecules), causing it to break. So, yes, even the slightest scratch from your car keys can mean trouble for your phone screen if you don’t watch out.

Either way, a cracked or completely shattered screen is worthy of urgent iPad screen repair or replacement from servicers like RB’s Computer Service. However, as the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. You want to keep using your phone or tablet for longer? Then remember to keep it safe all the time.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Vital Considerations before Choosing Small Business Computer Support

Look for a security and privacy policy. Tech support specialists are more likely to get access to critical business files that should be kept confidential from the outside world. Ideally, a prospective company offers a privacy and security policy within their business deal that restricts/limits use of specific corporate data.

Lastly, you should only trust somebody with an established reputation, like trusted Minneapolis IT support specialist RB’s Computer Service. Doing so will put your company in good hands.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

iPhone Screen Repair Must Be Done by a Pro

Apple has come a long way in improving the features of their iPhone units. However, it seems that perfecting the resistance of their phone screens against breakage remains out of reach. In fact, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s sustain almost similar damage when subjected to a drop test, and are possibly the most severely damaged among all brands tested.

If you have any of iPhone’s latest gadgets, don’t assume that its screen is already insusceptible to cracking when dropped or hit hard by an object. Should you accidentally break it, your only option is to replace the screen. If the damage affected the LCD, it’s best if you replace the LCD to get your phone back in working order.

In fixing a broken iPhone screen, you can choose between DIY repair and seeking professional assistance. A DIY repair can definitely save you a great deal of money, although there’s no guarantee that your gadget will look as good as new when the repair is done. If you fail to accurately install the new LCD and screen, you might experience trouble navigating the phone’s system.

For better results, seek assistance from a pro who specialize in iPhone displays. Chances are you will have all components properly installed with your navigating routine unaffected and the lifespan of your gadget prolonged. Looking at the big picture, this will save you more on future repair expenses.

PC Problems? Hit the Repair Shop, Not the PC

It goes by many names, but hitting the computer to make it work is a common trope called "percussive maintenance." This pop culture staple shaped the basics of repairing a PC (or any device) on the fritz, but it has also occurred in real life. During the Apollo 12 mission, then-astronaut Alan Bean tapped the camera on Surveyor 3 with a hammer to restore the video feed.

Some claim that their clunky computers returned to working condition after one well-placed hit. However, there's a reason for percussive maintenance being more common in TV shows and films than in real life. The Apollo 12 incident is based on mission logs; the rest of the instances are either fake or open to debate.

Tech experts know very well not to hit sensitive electronics. RAM and video cards are no thicker than a wafer; anything less of a hacksaw can easily split it. Overall, percussive maintenance is too risky to be reliable. It's better to forward PC problems to someone who doesn't believe in the power of a karate chop to fix a PC.

So the next time your PC starts acting up, don't go for your arms or legs. Let an expert computer repair service fix it for you.

Monday, June 2, 2014

What To Do When You Break Your iPhone’s Screen

The iPhone is probably the most popular electronic gadget in the market. Apple Inc. designed and marketed this line of smartphone, and the late Steve Jobs launched its first generation edition back in 2007. Now, it’s 2014, and two new models of their flagship phone are out: the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Despite its seven-year history, Apple and its flock of loyal customers still face iPhone’s archenemy: Gravity (the force and not the Clooney and Bullock movie). Apple loyalists have owned at least one iPhone model, if not all. You’d expect that Jobs fanatics would know better in caring for their phones, but they’re also among those likely to drop their devices and break the screens.

Luckily, Apple launched the Genius Bar where they can repair iPhone damage but at a high price. It also takes quite some time to set an appointment with them. As a result, some tend to order a repair kit online from third-party sources and do the repair themselves, all the while dealing with the uncertainty of how to get the processes right.

The best option moneywise iPhone owners have is to see qualified technicians in their area that do iPhone screen repair. Doing this assures them of professional services and thus come with guaranteed satisfaction.

An iPhone costs money, and people should learn to properly take care of their devices. However, if incidents can’t be avoided, they can rely on professional technicians’ services for their repair needs.

Spyware: The Bane of Small Business Operations

Small business owners often rely on digital devices to store and secure essential files pertaining to their enterprise’s operations. Due to the confidentiality of these materials, it's imperative these are kept safe from prying eyes.

However, there are instances when malicious software manages to creep into the computer systems, making critical files vulnerable to security breaches. One of the most common programs that break through security systems is the spyware. It's an application that can manipulate and track web browsing patterns; also, it tends to collect personal information and change computer settings without your permission. Spyware mostly tricks you to install them while you attempt to install other software from file-sharing programs.

Spyware can disrupt your activities as you experience annoying pop-up ads and slow-loading browsers. To remove spyware, there are several downloadable anti-spyware applications to quarantine your computer with. You can also ask help from computer support technicians to diagnose your computer, run scans, and install programs to solve the technical issues at hand.

When installing programs, always read disclosure and license agreements, as well as privacy statements, to understand their terms and policies. Exercise extreme caution when surfing the Web. Clicking on pop-up ads only invite malicious applications into your system so avoid ticking them. It's also critical that you regularly update the version of your anti-spyware application to prevent the latest spyware threats that can potentially burrow within your computer.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Advantages of Professional iPhone Screen Repair over DIY Fixes

"Qualified technicians are trained to properly repair your damaged screen. If the phone acquired only physical defects, they can supply and install authentic iPhone screen replacements or more affordable alternatives. Moreover, if the touchscreen of your phone is not working anymore (with or without visible screen damages), they can fix the ruined digitizer. If you need iPhone or even iPod screen repair services in the Minneapolis area, take your gadget to a reputable shop like RB’s Computer Service. Between the skills of their technicians and reasonable rates, you can have your prized iPhone back in no time and better than ever."

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Benefits of Complete Small Business Computer Support for Online Stores

"Remote backups are one of the services that can be provided by comprehensive small business computer support. As an online store, you would need to ensure that your inventory audits, client lists, receipts, and other pertinent business data are securely stored for your transactions and administrative functions. Remote backups become handy in times when the integrity of your on-site computer/s are compromised. Aside from data protection, the computer support company can also analyze and resolve any efficiency issue with your online platform. For instance, your customers may frequently experience (and get discouraged from) errors or sluggish page loads as they browse your site or finalize their transactions. Skilled technicians can help diagnose the errors and apply the necessary repairs to reduce downtime and the risk of losing customers."

Friday, May 9, 2014

Do-It-Yourself or Not? How to Tell If You Need iPhone Screen Repair

"Cracked screen A cracked iPhone screen will most likely need to be replaced, as well as get outfitted with a new LCD panel. This task involves removing the front panel assembly cable bracket; disconnecting the ribbon cables; removing the ear piece, home button, rear microphone, and camera; and reassembling all these parts afterward. As such, fixing an iPhone with a broken screen might be better reserved for users who know their devices inside and out. Many iPhone or iPad users can’t part with their devices for a long time, which is why they might be hesitant to entrust their gadgets to repair shops. However, at times, it would be best for them to do just this, if they want issues resolved as quickly as possible with the help of skilled iPad screen repair technicians."

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Small Business Computer Support Helps Ensure Virus-Free Data Systems

"The IT employees of a small business might be knowledgeable on anti-virus software, but they might not be as familiar with anti-spyware. Some of them might even think that virus and spyware are the same, but the two have distinct differences that can negatively impact companies. A virus is often disguised in an image, game, e-mail attachment, shared file, link, or even a website URL, while spyware is a program that downloads itself onto computers to spy on users’ activities, settings, and passwords. Different tools are required to remove virus or spyware from an office’s computer systems. These programs need to be regularly updated to prevent further virus or spyware attacks. Should an emergency situation arise—if, for example, entire data systems crash—offices can also depend on Minneapolis IT support services to help them out."

Monday, May 5, 2014

Giving TLC to iPhone 5S and 5C Screens

The 5S and 5C are currently the big names in Apple’s line of smartphones. People who took a bite of the Apple years ago may have fun tinkering with either model because of the new features. The fun continues until someone drops the phone from a considerable height enough to crack the screen. However, seeing a spiderweb of cracks on the screen is not the end of the world. There are ways to turn things around with help from a professional technician.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Tips on Maximizing Business Productivity

Countless businesses understand that efficiency is the key to success. A lot of corporate empires reached the pinnacle of success by effectively minimizing effort while maximizing their results.
Small businesses understand this, and thus they yearn to achieve the same level of success that industry giants have today. However, a lot of these small businesses have no idea on how to earn more and spend less. Here are some pointers to help small businesses optimize their operations.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reasons Why an iPhone Screen Darkens

The world-famous iPhone from Apple uses a glass touchscreen with a liquid crystal display (LCD) for most of its main functions. Almost every activity on the phone require users to swipe, press, tap, and pinch the screen. But heavy users beware: the screen may not hold up good due to wear and tear. One of these problems is the screen going dark – and sometimes, the users are left scratching their heads in confusion.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opening an Internet Café? Things to Consider

Even in today’s Wi-Fi age, internet cafés are still getting a big chunk of the market, especially when it comes to rush research and printing jobs. So if you want to put up your own cybercafé, there are a few things that you should first take into account so as not to fail in your business venture.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Find iPhone Screen Repair Shops: Durable Screens Aren’t a Reality Yet

There’s barely anyone who doesn’t use a smartphone nowadays, although everyone will agree that this device requires extra caution and care when used. Stories of iPhones being dropped and seriously damaged are quite common, although this may soon be a thing of the past. The Latin Post says that Apple may be planning to build stronger screens for their handheld products in the future.

Of course, this claim is based solely on conjecture. As people and businesses alike wait eagerly for a future with nigh-indestructible iPhone and iPod screens, for now they need to rely on companies that provide reliable iPhone screen repair, like RB’s Computer Service, in case of emergencies. After all, most scratches and cracks in devices that rely on touchscreen technology are permanent and can only be “repaired” by replacing the screen altogether. For less serious screen problems, there are ways to fix them.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Don’t Let Your Productivity Suffer; Get iPad Screen Repair Immediately

If you own an iPad or similar tablet, you know how convenient they are for drafting memos or creating slideshows while on the go. Of course, their portability also makes them rather prone to slipping from your hands, and though Apple products are usually well built, your iPad’s screen is unlikely to survive a fall. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy a new unit when this happens—you can just get iPad screen repair instead.

For example, RB’s Computer Service—which also offers iPhone screen repair—can replace the shattered screen with OEM or compatible parts. With their help, you both save money and recover lost productivity.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don’t Have an IT Department? Small Business Computer Support Can Help

Recognizing their importance, Minnesota recently unveiled a program to spur the growth of small business in the state. An article posted on the Minnesota Public Radio’s website reports that:

    A new state program will provide interest-free loan money for small businesses, Dayton administration officials said today.

    Business with 500 or fewer employees are eligible for the $6.7 million “Angel Loan Fund,” will provide seven-year loans of up to $250,000, said Katie Clark Sieben, commissioner of the state Department of Employment and Economic Development.

    “In today’s competitive business environment and tight credit environment it’s crucial we maintain our commitment to growing small businesses in Minnesota,” Sieben said. “They are the lifeblood of our economy and spur thousands of new jobs each year. This fund will continue to grow jobs across our state and leverage additional private investment now and in the years to come.”


Should You Do iPhone Screen Repair on Your Own?

It finally happens: your iPhone screen cracks. Should you repair that on your own, though?

One answer to that question is, it depends on your iPhone model. Especially if you have the latest model, its warranty might or not might cover for a cracked screen.

Thus, check your warranty if you have an iPhone 5 model or newer. If you have the AppleCare extended warranty, then that covers up to two incidents of accidental damage. However, repair entails a $79 fee.

Reliable Small Business Computer Support will be Required for 2014

Running a small business nowadays is not as easy as it once was, no thanks to hard economic times and advancements in technology. According to Newsday, today’s small business owners are in need of highly-skilled workers, better tax incentives, and the like, just as how it is with the big players in the US. Further complicating things is the integration of computers in daily life, to the point that small companies also need them now more than ever for various purposes.

However, even this highly-technical stuff still requires some basic hardware knowhow that can only be provided by companies offering small business computer support, like RB’s Computer Service; after all, cloud computing and storage is impossible without fast and reliable Internet connectivity. Even then, there’s no guarantee that a company can conduct business in relative safety if there’s no online security of sorts that would protect them from hacking and tampering.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Dealing with Graphics Card Failures

Let’s say you own a full-on PC gaming café, offering a wide variety of latest and classic video games, be it LAN or offline. However, in a tournament that your shop has sponsored, a player complains about how his PC’s video card went caput in the midst of a highly-competitive gaming affair.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Save the Revolutionary Workplace iPad

The introduction of the iPad was met with doubt, as backbiters of the product only saw the Apple product as an oversized iPad. However, the iPad has gone leaps and bounds beyond being just a simple tool for entertainment. In fact, tablets are quickly becoming a staple in the corporate world.
Ovum, an analyst firm reveals that tablets have taken over the workplace. While desktops and laptops are still the workhorses of the office, tablets are providing new avenues for various companies to expand and revolutionize their workflows and programs. Ovum is confident that the product is sure to change the world of business in the future.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Broken Screens a Lost Cause? Some Tricks in iPhone Screen Repair

Don’t expect all third-party repair shops to use the UDRF, though, as other factors may be the source of damage. Nevertheless, an expert iPhone or iPad screen repair shop gets the job done without collateral damage.

Perhaps in the near future, Apple fans would soon be able to enjoy the rumored new protective technology for the gadget, in which the phone will change its orientation mid-fall to soften the impact. Then again, until that technology actually comes to light, a little bit of know-how on iPhone or iPad screen repair may save your Apple. Unless you’re not cut out for the job, in which case, you would be better off sending it to a certified repair shop.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Business Computer Support to Benefit from FAA Ruling on Gadgets

Except for cell phones, all other mobile gadgets have received the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use during flight. Stipulations are firmly put in place, though, like how the gadgets must be on Airplane Mode when in used up in the air, and that passengers refrain from using them during takeoff and landing. Some airlines have already implemented it, making flights from across the U.S. more convenient for the businessman, and more enjoyable for the restless traveler.

Adding to the convenience is the availability of wireless Internet above 10,000 feet. This allows the device to connect to vital resources such as quality small business computer support. For instance, remote assistance allows the user to talk to a technician online for quick solutions to common laptop issues and problems. Now, there’s no need to wait till you get on the ground before you can resolve whatever laptop issues you may have.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Revelation for IT Support in Minneapolis: Precognition of PC Failures

The data showed that SupportAssist helps reduce the rate of customers calling Dell’s centers for basic support by 85 percent. It also showed a shift in technical support concerns toward more complex problems, which is a positive indicator for the potential of the system.

RB’s Computer Service, a provider of trusted IT support in Minneapolis, is delighted with the development, noting that it will aid in developing great relationships with its customers that use Dell systems. The company also sees the innovation as a catalyst for change that will allow it to provide its customers with a more personalized and responsive support experience.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Benefits of Seeking Help from an iPhone Screen Repair Professional

Despite the easy fixes available on the Internet, they may not be the best solution for your iPhone. These are merely temporary solutions to prevent your phone from experiencing further damage. To continue using your phone without additional risks, take it to a trusted iPhone screen repair professional like those from RB’s Computer Service. Try to do this as soon as you see any form of damage on your phone so you can avoid permanently losing your apps and data due to the worsening condition of the unit.

By entrusting your broken phone to the experts, you can have your phone fixed without the need to bring it to Apple and suffer the expensive costs for repair. Users who purchased their gadgets under contract will benefit most from this service.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Expand Your Business’ Potential with IT Support

The Big Boys usually fill out the headlines on business papers and news shows, so it is pretty easy to think that small businesses don’t matter at all. The media, however, is overlooking the fact that small to medium scale businesses are vital to the survival of the economy.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, they represent 99.7% of all employers in the country and generate 50% of the nation’s nonfarm private gross domestic product (GDP).

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Your Damaged iPhone Needs Professional Help

The iPhone’s user-friendly and intuitive interface is just one of the many factors behind its success. The iconic smartphone’s wide variety of innovative features and exclusive apps also help make it the favorite gadget of millions of techies around the world. The more you use an iPhone, however, the greater the chances are of accidentally dropping or damaging the unit.