Monday, May 5, 2014

Giving TLC to iPhone 5S and 5C Screens

The 5S and 5C are currently the big names in Apple’s line of smartphones. People who took a bite of the Apple years ago may have fun tinkering with either model because of the new features. The fun continues until someone drops the phone from a considerable height enough to crack the screen. However, seeing a spiderweb of cracks on the screen is not the end of the world. There are ways to turn things around with help from a professional technician.

The repair options available to you depends on the extent of the damage. Take the glass screen, for example. If this is the only one damaged and the digitizer touch screen still manages to respond, you only need to replace the glass screen. The tricky part is that the glass screen is attached tightly to the touch screen, and you will need some professional tools to replace the glass lens the cracks stop it somehow.

Keep in mind that a cracked touch panel warrants a replacement or repair if the image is actually in good quality. A bigger repair job than this will be in the works if the shock from the drop was powerful enough to crack all three screens, and the images look broken and are “smeared” by black liquid. If that happens, call on a certified Apple-trained professional to help you out. 

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