Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Small Business Computer Support Helps Ensure Virus-Free Data Systems

"The IT employees of a small business might be knowledgeable on anti-virus software, but they might not be as familiar with anti-spyware. Some of them might even think that virus and spyware are the same, but the two have distinct differences that can negatively impact companies. A virus is often disguised in an image, game, e-mail attachment, shared file, link, or even a website URL, while spyware is a program that downloads itself onto computers to spy on users’ activities, settings, and passwords. Different tools are required to remove virus or spyware from an office’s computer systems. These programs need to be regularly updated to prevent further virus or spyware attacks. Should an emergency situation arise—if, for example, entire data systems crash—offices can also depend on Minneapolis IT support services to help them out."

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