Tuesday, April 14, 2015

iPhone Screen Repair Services Are Always There for the Spider Cracks

Spiders can be your friend or your enemy, but did you know that they can “manifest” in a non-arachnid form … like the cracks on the iPhone you just dropped? Such things are not pretty when they happen, especially if you have either an iPhone 5S, 5C, or 6, and warrants a quick trip to the best iPhone screen repair specialists. Most iPhone screen damages result from users’ clumsiness but there have also been reports about the fragile nature of iPhone 6 screens. Apple’s gadgets no doubt cost a lot to own, even with a wireless subscription package. Still, their popularity continues to soar. You may even be watching a video of a young man who accidentally dropped his iPhone 6 right after buying it from your own iPhone. If you accidentally dropped your device and it now has a broken screen, take it to a repair company like RB’s Computer Service for a solution.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Expert Small Business Computer Support Essential in Securing Data

Financial services are very important for business operators – but when they lose vital client data via external threats, it can be their death knell altogether. This sets a push towards stronger cybersecurity solutions with a competent information technology (IT) company. Writing for Bankrate.com, Michael Estrin said there’s no reason to relax even when everything seems under virtual lock and key. The Twin Cities host a number of financial institutions, including banks, mortgage lenders, and even ATM outlets. You may have even taken out a loan from any particular lender in that area to have starting capital for your business. When you are doubly concerned about possible damage from disclosures of your business practices and customer details, time to lock things down with the expertise of small business computer support providers like RB’s Computer Service.