Thursday, June 25, 2015

iPhone Screen Repair Service Providers Can Help Fix Cracked Screens

An Apple iPhone Review article noted that cracked screens are a common issue for many users. The personal experience of the article’s writer went like this: the iPhone fell and cracked and he tried his luck with the Apple Store. The writer didn’t get a cracked iPhone screen repair service appointment. He just paid 250 bucks, while the store classified his phone as damaged and gave a replacement. Many users had a similar experience. The problem with the above scenario is that the phone is still working: powers on, receives calls, and continuously performs its many other functions. It’s just that the screen was cracked so the user could not interact with the phone. The user most likely had files, such as photos and contacts, which they would probably want to keep. A replacement won’t allow that. Furthermore, $250 is a steep price for most people.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Having Adequate Small Business Computer Support is a Big Mistake

Every business today needs computers. When something goes wrong with the computer systems being used, it will have an effect on the operations and bottom line of a venture. This is applicable to any size of business as long as there is at least one task that is reliant on a computer. The problem is that many small businesses make mistakes when it comes to the IT side of the operations. One of the biggest mistakes is not having adequate small business computer support. Insufficient technical support is highlighted by TechRepublic as one of the mistakes made by small businesses. Think about it: who does a small business usually turn to for IT support? Some go to an employee who has relatively more knowledge of computers than everyone in the office, maybe a computer game enthusiast or internet-savvy person who knows how to use symbols in Google search.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Remedy and Avoid a Computer Virus

There is nothing worse than a computer virus infecting your computer. Whether a worm, trojan horse or spyware, these viruses can quickly take over your computer system and cause irreparable damage.

How to prevent a virus

As software updates include protection from the latest viruses, keeping your operating system up-to-date is key to protecting your computer. Keep a regular backup schedule. Backing up your files can help you clean out an infested system and populate your computer with your up-to-date materials.

Updating your apps, especially those that you do not normally run, is also key to avoiding a virus since hackers can use them as easy backdoors to sneak a virus into your computer system.

Avoid downloading any programs from websites that you have never heard of. Often, users download a nasty virus in the guise of a free program that they need for their system. Only use apps and programs from reliable sources. Last but definitely not least, install anti-virus software to ensure constant protection.

When to go in for service

When your computer is running very slow or your email is sending out spam to your entire contact list, your computer may well have been infected with a virus. Getting your system professionally serviced will ensure that the virus is removed, so count on them to set things right.

Tips for Dealing with a Broken iPad Screen

You may have accidentally dropped your iPad when moving things around your desk, or it could have been glass down in the bottom of a dropped backpack. The glass is smashed. It could still work, but the touch-sensitive sensors will continue to deteriorate if the device is not immediately repaired.

Did you purchase AppleCare+ or is the iPad under warranty? Then bring in your device and have it fixed. Is your iPad no longer under warranty? Here are your three solution options:

1) Do it yourself.

The advantage of doing it yourself is that it is very economical and there are many detailed online tutorials on repairing your iPad screen. Yet, there are many risks in self-repair. The lithium ion battery inside the iPad is unprotected and very delicate. One accidental touch or pierce could cause the battery to leak out and render your device utterly useless.

2) Bring it into a shop.

After backing up all of your information, bring your damaged iPad to a leading repair shop. By having experts to repair your iPad, you take away the stress of potentially making a harmful mistake. As with any expert service, the cost is higher, but peace of mind is even more valuable.

After your iPad screen is repaired.

Purchase a well-fitting, iPad cover and case. These will help protect the iPad should it be dropped or if it is squeezed into a purse or bag where keys or other sharp objects can scratch and damage the glass. Protective care of your iPad will keep you happily using it for years to come.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Set Up Your Small Business Network with Some Help

Small businesses find that they often work better if they’re connected to the Internet or have a local network. Here are some tips on how to set one up.
Network Components

A computer network for small businesses usually consists of a few desktops/laptops plus peripherals like printers, scanners, and a cash register or point-of-sale system. The computers themselves have to be powerful enough to handle the stress of daily operations and have business programs to aid employees with clerical tasks. Computer services can assess your needs to determine the right network size and components.