Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tips for Dealing with a Broken iPad Screen

You may have accidentally dropped your iPad when moving things around your desk, or it could have been glass down in the bottom of a dropped backpack. The glass is smashed. It could still work, but the touch-sensitive sensors will continue to deteriorate if the device is not immediately repaired.

Did you purchase AppleCare+ or is the iPad under warranty? Then bring in your device and have it fixed. Is your iPad no longer under warranty? Here are your three solution options:

1) Do it yourself.

The advantage of doing it yourself is that it is very economical and there are many detailed online tutorials on repairing your iPad screen. Yet, there are many risks in self-repair. The lithium ion battery inside the iPad is unprotected and very delicate. One accidental touch or pierce could cause the battery to leak out and render your device utterly useless.

2) Bring it into a shop.

After backing up all of your information, bring your damaged iPad to a leading repair shop. By having experts to repair your iPad, you take away the stress of potentially making a harmful mistake. As with any expert service, the cost is higher, but peace of mind is even more valuable.

After your iPad screen is repaired.

Purchase a well-fitting, iPad cover and case. These will help protect the iPad should it be dropped or if it is squeezed into a purse or bag where keys or other sharp objects can scratch and damage the glass. Protective care of your iPad will keep you happily using it for years to come.

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