Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Remedy and Avoid a Computer Virus

There is nothing worse than a computer virus infecting your computer. Whether a worm, trojan horse or spyware, these viruses can quickly take over your computer system and cause irreparable damage.

How to prevent a virus

As software updates include protection from the latest viruses, keeping your operating system up-to-date is key to protecting your computer. Keep a regular backup schedule. Backing up your files can help you clean out an infested system and populate your computer with your up-to-date materials.

Updating your apps, especially those that you do not normally run, is also key to avoiding a virus since hackers can use them as easy backdoors to sneak a virus into your computer system.

Avoid downloading any programs from websites that you have never heard of. Often, users download a nasty virus in the guise of a free program that they need for their system. Only use apps and programs from reliable sources. Last but definitely not least, install anti-virus software to ensure constant protection.

When to go in for service

When your computer is running very slow or your email is sending out spam to your entire contact list, your computer may well have been infected with a virus. Getting your system professionally serviced will ensure that the virus is removed, so count on them to set things right.

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