Saturday, November 1, 2014

Managed Service Provider More Cost-effective

Small and medium business owners are naïve if they think that their size makes them immune from large corporate tech problems. While many choose to conserve their budget by calling a PC repair guy whenever something goes wrong, the wise ones go with a managed service provider for small business computer support.

Quicker solution
If your server malfunctions and is down for about an hour, it’s going to take a repairman time to arrive, assess the problem, and execute a solution. Managed service providers are constantly monitoring your system with installed applications. In the event of a problem, they are instantly alerted by their monitoring tools and know exactly what needs to be fixed, so downtime is kept to a minimum.

Break-fix service
The term “break-fix” refers to a piece of hardware like a printer breaking down and a technician is called to fix it. The equipment is not functional for at least a day. If a workstation starts acting up, it has to be offline until it is repaired. Managed service providers are ready for any contingency, from back-up hardware to on-site personnel to get operations back on track.

IT knowledge

An external technician may be skilled with everyday issues, but business owners would rather not put the fate of their IT infrastructure in the hands of someone with less expertise than that of a managed service provider. The latter are up to date with the latest trends, and can even train employees in preparation for your firm’s expansion.

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