Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Protecting Your iPhone: Tips for Proper Handling

When you have a smart phone as sophisticated and expensive as the iPhone, you have to take care of it. You can’t leave home with it, which means that it’s going to be subject to wear and tear from constant handling. Following these simple steps can make your iPhone’s service life last longer, without having to look like it survived a tumble down a flight of stairs.

Don’t clean your iPhone screen using a paper towel or your clothing—it can scratch the screen. Make sure you have a cleaning kit that’s safe for electronics. It doesn’t need to be fancy; just stock on essentials like a microfiber cleaning cloth, gadget-safe cleaning solution, and compressed Air Can. Remember to switch off your phone before giving it a good, but gentle scrubbing.

The Gorilla Glass may be tougher than ever, but you still should take extra care to keep it scratch-free. A lot of people just toss it in the bag together with things like keys, pens, and other items that can easily damage the screen. You can always use a screen protector and a case to shield the phone from these items.

Even with the most careful handling, accidents can still happen. If the damages on your phone goes beyond dents and scratches, you should let a professional check it right away. Smartphone screens can be quickly replaced so that you don’t need to spend on a new replacement phone. 

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