Wednesday, July 9, 2014

PC Problems? Hit the Repair Shop, Not the PC

It goes by many names, but hitting the computer to make it work is a common trope called "percussive maintenance." This pop culture staple shaped the basics of repairing a PC (or any device) on the fritz, but it has also occurred in real life. During the Apollo 12 mission, then-astronaut Alan Bean tapped the camera on Surveyor 3 with a hammer to restore the video feed.

Some claim that their clunky computers returned to working condition after one well-placed hit. However, there's a reason for percussive maintenance being more common in TV shows and films than in real life. The Apollo 12 incident is based on mission logs; the rest of the instances are either fake or open to debate.

Tech experts know very well not to hit sensitive electronics. RAM and video cards are no thicker than a wafer; anything less of a hacksaw can easily split it. Overall, percussive maintenance is too risky to be reliable. It's better to forward PC problems to someone who doesn't believe in the power of a karate chop to fix a PC.

So the next time your PC starts acting up, don't go for your arms or legs. Let an expert computer repair service fix it for you.

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