Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Should You Do iPhone Screen Repair on Your Own?

It finally happens: your iPhone screen cracks. Should you repair that on your own, though?

One answer to that question is, it depends on your iPhone model. Especially if you have the latest model, its warranty might or not might cover for a cracked screen.

Thus, check your warranty if you have an iPhone 5 model or newer. If you have the AppleCare extended warranty, then that covers up to two incidents of accidental damage. However, repair entails a $79 fee.

If you have an older iPhone or its warranty has expired, then you can repair the unit. The catch, of course, is you might have to learn how on your own. In spite of the dearth of online resources on personally repairing iPhones, doing that takes time – which you might not afford.

That circumstance is a good time to approach a repair service provider in your area. Generally, a service provider will first inspect the phone at no cost. In turn, that company should give you at least a cost estimate to repair the screen, if ever.

Feel free to ask as many detailed questions as possible. More importantly, ensure that you completely understand your service provider’s answers and, particularly, the costs.

In all, you check your warranty if you have a newer iPhone model. If you have an old unit or its warranty is no longer in effect, then you can repair that or have someone else handle that for you.

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