Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Opening an Internet Café? Things to Consider

Even in today’s Wi-Fi age, internet cafés are still getting a big chunk of the market, especially when it comes to rush research and printing jobs. So if you want to put up your own cybercafé, there are a few things that you should first take into account so as not to fail in your business venture.

Internet Quality

Like any good businessman, chances are you’d be tempted to cut corners for some extra income, but you should never skimp on internet quality for this. Remember that ultimately, your customers will remember your shop not really for the extent or quality of your services, but on how fast the Internet was when they were surfing or browsing.

Computer Support

Perhaps the second most important aspect to make an impression on customers is the quality of your hardware. Make sure that you hire an efficient business computer support company to assure this. Don’t be a victim of the bad press of people saying things like “The Net was fast, but my unit kept crashing”, which can be damaging to your reputation.

Number of Computers

It also pays to know just how many units you will need to set up when you’re just starting up, as well as how large your target goal really is. Consider the population in your neighbourhood when thinking this through, and ask yourself: “How many of them would actually be using my computers at a time?”

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