Friday, August 1, 2014

Your Office Computer Might Be Infected!

Most computer viruses are easily detected by anti-viruses. Some highly-advanced viruses have the ability to bypass security measures and infect a computer without the user even knowing it. Are the computers in your office infected? Here are some signs that they might be:
  • Hardware Acting On Its Own: Did your CD-ROM open just now? Do you hear weird noises coming from your CPU? The virus may have taken control of your hardware.
  • Slow Performance: When your computer takes a lot of time to open a simple word document or launch a simple program, run a quick virus scan.
  • Files Disappearing: Computer viruses can also delete your files. Keep an eye on your documents and files because a virus can easily snatch it away.
  • Unknown Files Appearing: If a file suddenly appears and you don’t remember creating it, don’t doubt your memory. The virus most likely added the file.
  • Unresponsive Interface: Your computer seems like your screen is frozen and you can’t click on anything or even move the mouse cursor itself.
  • Crashing Altogether: When your computer suddenly crashes without even doing anything, this may be a strong virus that needs immediate attention.
Your business might suffer when your computers are infected. Have a computer support representative examine your computers to address these issues as soon as possible, to prevent further damage.

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