Thursday, August 20, 2015

Leave It to Pros: Risks of DIY iPad Screen Repair

While iPads are extremely versatile, these popular tablet computers aren't indestructible. Screen cracks can occur due to drops, bumps, or freak accidents. Before doing a search for "how to repair an iPad screen," however, take a moment to consider some of the risks associated with tackling this particular tech repair yourself.

There's More Inside of an iPad than You May Realize

Even if you're up on all things tech, you may not realize all of the "things" that go into making an iPad work internally. Careful attention is a must. If the screen is severely damaged, for instance, pieces could fall inside of the device or you may accidentally damage another component of the iPad.

It's Not Easy to Get the Right Tools and Supplies

Spare iPad parts aren't likely to be sold at the same store where you purchased your iPad, especially if you bought it from an online distributor. Devices like an iPad also tend to have smaller screws, which can be difficult to manipulate—and easy to lose. The process of popping open the outer case can be just as frustrating.

Be aware that DIY repairs are likely to invalidate any warranties or service plans you may have had with the device. Nine times out of ten, it's best to opt for professional repair services. If "device separation anxiety" is a concern, rest assured that your smartphone can pick up the slack until you have your professionally repaired iPad back in your hands.

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