Thursday, August 20, 2015

IT Support Essentials for a Secured Network

Having your own network for business certainly makes work easier. Your employees can collaborate with each other and productivity can be notably boosted. Networks have one drawback though – they can present huge security risks for businesses. You only have to look at some of the most popular examples like Microsoft and even the White House to know that the threat is real. Of course, you’d want to protect your business, and good IT support can do that for you. Here are some essentials of a secured business network:


A firewall shields a computer from unauthorized data that can get in through the internet. This is one of the most important levels of defense for your network. Your firewall should be setup depending on how big your company is or how many employees are using the network.

Anti-Virus Software

An ant-virus software is a must for every workstation, especially if they are all connected to a single network. You never know what sort of malware and virus could be a threat today. Installing an anti-virus software is not enough, however. You should also keep it updated all the time to protect against any new threats.


Lots of people are victims of spywares that steal their information. You would not want sensitive information about your company to get into the wrong hands. Anti-spyware technology can disable these threats to preserve your privacy and protect your data.

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