Friday, May 1, 2015

Screen Shatters Are Simple For Local Repair Service

It borders on comedy how Mac technology has shaped modern life. A Minnesotan could dent the quarter panel of a $60,000 vehicle and shirk it off as a simple matter. If a custom iPad screen gets damaged however, it would seem that the world could end the next day.

After all, a trusty iPad holds remnants of a person's entire life. That's why damage to an iPad screen is similar to a mar on the fabric of individual personality. Fortunately, iPad screen repair is simple.

About 25% of all iPad users will deal with a cracked, shattered or severely damaged screen in the device's lifetime. This has made iPad screen repair a common service provided by local shops rather than an Apple customer service center. The three-to-five business day turnaround time for repairs from Apple itself seems a bit too long for most iPad users, which is where trained iPad repair professionals come in. Their customer satisfaction record is a reflection of how commonplace both iPad screen damage and screen repair have become. 

Another way of looking at the “cracked screen conundrum” is through the lens of expense. The average factory iPad screen repair will cost $200-300, plus time, service and shipping costs. The average local screen repair at a typical repair shop in Minnesota is about $75-100This makes exploring local screen repair services for an iPad absolutely worth it instead of factory service.

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