Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Protecting Your iPad from Toddler Trouble

It’s hard to resist your toddler when they look at you with those round eyes as they ask to borrow your iPad. However, don’t be tempted to just hand over your gadget without protecting it first.

Childproof Your iPad

Kids explore the world with their hands. One minute, they’re happily snacking on a chocolate treat. Next thing you know, all that brown, sticky goo is smeared all over your tablet’s surface. Investing in a screen protector lets you breathe easier every time their tiny fingers start tapping on the screen. Wrapping the whole tablet in a heavily-padded case is also a smart way to avoid various bumps and scratches.

Furthermore, there are products in the market that enable your iPad to better repel liquids. These special products add a protective layer on the screen that works effectively for situations like spilled beverages or an unfortunate dip in the bathroom. Do some research to find one that suits your needs, and you’re ready to go.

In Case of an iPad Emergency

While these options go a long way towards preserving an expensive Apple device, every parent knows that small children simply cannot be controlled. Don’t be surprised to find your iPad facedown on the floor one day, its screen a spiderweb of cracks while a guilty toddler peeks from behind the couch.

It may look bad, but a broken iPad screen is actually an easy fix in the hands of professionals. Simply take your damaged iPad to a trusty tech shop, get it back good as new, and hope for the best the next time your kid asks to borrow it again.

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