Monday, November 11, 2013

Broken iPhone Screens are Not a Lost Cause

Since iPhones cost an arm and a leg, users try their best to take care of these gadgets. However, there may be times when your hands slip or you accidentally knock it off the table and helplessly watch it fall, letting its short life flash before your very eyes. Although iPhone screens are scratch resistant, they are still made of glass and can shatter when dropped high enough.

iPhones may be easy to use, but fixing them is an entirely different story. Unlike older cell phones that are easy to pry open, iPhones are sealed tightly with screws and parts that snap together. If the screen is already shattered to pieces, then repairing them means opening the unit from the back and slowly making your way to the front.

Before you open your iPhone, be sure to have the replacement front panel at the ready. The front panel is a set of parts that include the glass, the LCD, and digitizer, and should be bought as an assembled set instead of individual parts. When you've opened up your iPhone, be sure to put the front panel carefully and not to fold any ribbons.

Replacing the screen is a difficult task to do, so instead of doing it yourself, try getting a professional do it for you. If AppleCare is too expensive, a third party expert should be able to complete the job. 

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