Monday, November 11, 2013

Signs that Your Hard Drive Might be Failing

IT support is essential for small businesses, particularly today when the computer is an invaluable business tool. Before your system fails and brings down your company’s productivity levels, however, you should be able to diagnose your computer's hard drive for problems regularly so you know when to call for help. Here are some signs that your hard drive might be failing.

Data Loss

Did you misplace that file you saved literally just seconds ago? Look again; it might not be your fault, but that of certain developing problems in your hard drive, particularly in the area that you used to store your file. Frequent data loss is one of the most common indicators that your drive is not functioning at its best anymore.

Slow Performance

Is it taking too long to load or save a file, or are your Internet downloads feeling a bit more time-consuming than usual? Slow processing time is a sign that your drive might be depreciating due to excessive use, or it may simply mean that you have opened far too many programs.


Sometimes, you will be able to detect hard drive failure when you start hearing a strange, scraping noise that seems to be coming from your CPU. When your drive fails this way, it will no longer boot, thus you might have to get it replaced.

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